Everyone feels comfortable with expressing their identity in different ways, whether it’s expressing it through your style and body, or whether it’s expressing yourself with artistic mediums.

When I first came out, I thought deep-down that passing for “straight” or “masculine” would mean I could feel safer within the mainstream. I used to judge other queer people when they wore “extra” clothing/outfits, or if they dressed like a rainbow or they dressed like a goth. I used to wonder why they would try so hard to be accepted, but try so hard to be different. But thats the whole point people who are queer are trying to make. We’re already different, whether we try our best to fit in or not, we’re already not accepted as the norm - so why not give society a fucking show. Be visible, be queer and show them that; yes they can take away our rights, but they will never take away our identity and our community.

Whatever your relationship between your queer identity and how you express it is, you do you boo.


published in Fruitcake Magazine ISSUE 2. 

models - 

Finn Weaver 

Lauren Cheetham 

Art Doherty 

Christopher Pearce 

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